This Scandinavian tiny home on wheels comes with off-grid features for an eco-friendly escape to nature!

Poland-based Redukt built a tiny home on wheels that combines simplistic design with a clever layout to produce a mobile tiny home ideal for a family of four traveling through backcountry roads on a summer vacation.

When it comes to tiny homes, simplicity is key. It’s all about consolidated design and multifunctional interior elements. We’ve seen dining room tables and booths transform into daybeds and roofs unfurl into loft bedrooms. Tiny homes bring out the most innovative home features from designers that hinge on keeping the living space free from too much clutter.

Poland-based Redukt, a tiny mobile home company, found sophistication and an open-plan layout through simplistic and versatile design for their off-grid-prepared tiny home on wheels.

Prepared for all elements, Redukt’s tiny home on wheels is thermalized with oiled pine boards that give the home a tidy, yet natural personality. Dissolving the barrier between the outdoors and interior space, the tiny home comes with twin glass doors that are just short of reaching floor-to-ceiling heights.

Keeping an off-center pentagonal shape, Redukt’s tiny home maintains an elegant look that’s prepared for all four seasons through the home’s roof topped off with galvanized metal sheets. Built to last, the metal sheets and pinewood facade were chosen as they only look better with time.

Outfitted with all the elements necessary for off-grid living, the team at Redukt equipped their tiny home with solar installation to generate electricity, a gas installation, and a composting toilet.

Measuring 7.20 x 2.55 x 3.95m, Redukt’s tiny home keeps enough space for an open, large living space, where additional sleeping arrangements can be placed either to accompany or replace a dining and living room.

Designed for a couple with two children, the living space can remain for their kids while the adults can escape to a semi-low mezzanine accessible by a set of folding staircases. In addition to the bedrooms, a large kitchenette, bathroom, and plenty of storage space make living in Redukt’s tiny home feel a lot larger than you’d think.

Designer: Redukt

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